Technology Trends in 2010

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4. On Google, Microsoft, E-Books & Netbooks @rww RICHARD MACMANUS, Source: Read Write Web

Founder & CEO Read Write Web a breakthrough of consumer apps for Internet of Things, involving the iPhone, RFID tags and a major consumer product (books or groceries).

Google will acquire PostRank and promptly consign it to the same graveyard Feedburner went to.

Microsoft will acquire Wolfram|Alpha and Bing will continue to make small gains in the search market.

Google will be distracted by increasing consumer complaints about content farms polluting Google search results.

A price war will erupt in the e-book market and will offer the lowest prices.. gaining a dominant position in the market with its Kindle E-book Reader.

Google will partner with a large PC manufacturer from Asia, which will launch an inexpensive netbook powered by Chrome OS in the U.S. market. It will become a hot consumer item among school kids and university students..

5. Data Portability, Google Wave, UI @marshallk MARSHALL KIRKPATRICK Lead, Source: ReadWriteWeb

Writer & VP, Content Development Read Write Web Google Wave will win some respect back as people discover valuable uses for it and get used to the user experience.

Facebook will open aggregate-user-profile and social-graph data for outside analysis.

Some serious user interface innovations will blow our minds..

Data portability will become more real, standard, expected and viable.

6. Cloud Computing, Apple & Netbooks @sarahintampa SARAH PEREZ Feature, Source: ReadWriteWeb

Writer Read Write Web Cloud computing heats up. AWS, Google, Microsoft and others begin price wars to compete for customers.

The iPhone still rules and grabs more mobile market share than ever before, Android becomes the number two mobile platform by year-end. iPhone app backlash begins: Apple surprises us with a brand-new feature that can help us find new and useful apps via iTunes. iTunes announces a web service, thanks to the Lala acquisition. Spotify finally gets the green light in U.S. and people go nuts for it. The netbook craze dies down. People start buying new “in-between” devices – slightly larger and more powerful than today’s netbooks, but smaller, lightweight and cheaper than notebooks.

14. Smart Phone, LBS, Mobile Apps & Android @matthamblen MATT HAMBLEN, Source: Network World

Senior Writer Computer World Smartphones will grab an even bigger share of the overall mobile phone market. Apple will move to multiple U.S. carriers.

The Android mobile OS will take off.2010 global shipment could be 8.2M for 36 Android based phones. The OS to become no#2 by 2012. Mobile app stores will continue to balloon. 2010: The year of smart phone + LBS.

Ads will be a major driver. Laptop, smartphone & e-reader will supplement each other.

42. On Microsoft, Netbooks & Apple @gartenberg MICHAEL GARTENBERG VP, Strategy & Analysis Interpret LLC, Source: PC World

This is the year of Vista – I mean Windows 7
The good news for IT departments is that there won’t be much of end-user demand for the new operating system, so they can take their time to deploy. PCs finally fragment as a platform – Netbooks, smart phones and traditional laptops and desktops. Expect a lot of device overlap and confusion about taxonomy.

“Tweener” devices will have their hype and then die. Apple becomes a business standard. Microsoft won’t produce its own phone.

43. 2010 Tech Predictions, Source: News Week
Finally, Apple Unveils the Tablet… Your Phone Replaces Your Wallet Murdoch Pulls Out of Google.. Starbucks Will Stalk You Microsoft Pushes Out Steve Ballmer.. Google Faces Antitrust Suit..

44. Clouds, Data, Analytics @redmonk, Source: RedMonk
Cloud API proliferation will become a serious problem. Data as revenue –datasets increasingly recognized as a serious, balance sheet- worthy asset Developer target fragmentation will accelerate. It’s all about the analytics. Marketplaces will be table stakes.


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